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We provide a prompt-heavy bot to provide customers with exactly what they need. Also, note that HelloFresh provides a variety of prompts to help guide the conversation from point A to point B. The bot suggests questions, likely based on the most common questions their human reps receive. There’s a huge difference between a bot answering “yes” or “no” questions and a bot that provides meaningful experiences.

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Sephora, a French chain of cosmetics stores, has a Messenger chatbot that connects customers to its support team. Customers are required to leave contact information that allows customer service representatives to get in touch with them and resolve their issues. Retail businesses are concerned with not only acquiring new customers, but with retaining them. To achieve this goal, retailers use marketing strategies and offer extra services that delight customers.

FAQ chatbot for ecommerce

Not only can it dramatically increase your sales, but it can also get you more email newsletter sign-ups. The goal of this retail chatbot example is to facilitate the customer journey. This template will help your customers easily see what they could buy.

Hola BB also wanted to scale up from their existing live agent setup. Today, many eCommerce companies rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the buying pattern of millions of users. This helps them build a successful marketing campaign and pitch products to the buyers accordingly.

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It’s crucial that customers are emotionally engaged with your brand. When they are, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends, buy your products, and are less likely to be price-averse. Chatbots also enable customers to text directly to nearby stores from Google Maps. This makes it easy for customers to find and contact your business, which can lead to more sales opportunities. They wanted to create a frictionless experience for their site visitors. Kik is a successful chatbot that helps customers find what they actually want using Artificial Intelligence technology.

What is an example of a chatbot for eCommerce?

Flow XO is another useful chatbot for businesses. They provide an eCommerce company with a multi-channel conversational ai chatbot solution that can be used on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Slack, and your website. The chatbot also allows both automatic and live chats to receive payments.

Chatbots replace “editor’s picks” by suggesting gifts based on a recipient’s hobbies and tastes. The chatbot for WholeFoods, a chain of healthy food supermarkets in the USA, makes finding a supermarket easy. Customers can enter a zip code or an address, or simply share their geolocation and immediately get results. After a matching item is found, a customer is offered to either make a purchase or look for the best value. Metaverse shopping and robotic cafes like DAWN in Tokyo are just the beginning. However, at this moment, AI is not perfect, and human advisory is needed (and I believe it will always be).

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This online jewelry store used IBM Watson technology to create Rocky, a chatbot, that helps a novice diamond buyer wrap their head around multiple characteristics for a personalized purchasing decision. The ‘Purchase order form’ template automates your customers’ order process. In other words, you will get more sales with a simple conversational design! The chatbot can give info about your products more simply and quickly, with detailed prices. Chatbots can also guarantee each customer gets treated like a VIP by offering them tailored rewards like birthday discounts and exclusive promotions.

retail chatbot examples

AI can be used to analyze patterns and behaviors in transactions to detect fraudulent activity. For example, AI algorithms can identify unusual purchasing patterns, such as a large number of transactions made in a short period of time or transactions made from different locations. AI can also analyze customer data, such as purchasing history and demographics, to identify potential fraud.

Chatbots Provide Product Recommendations

Besides, there are ready-to-use AI-powered conversational solutions that address particular needs that retailers have. Like The Body Shop, several retailers have shown that chatbots boost their omnichannel sales and enhance their customer’s experience. The Body Shop launched a personalised skincare recommendation tool on their website where a bot asked customers relevant beauty regime questions. Hola BB, an Amsterdam-based online boutique, sells eco-friendly baby products. They wanted to simplify online shopping, and optimize customer engagements.

In fact, on Black Friday 2022, consumers spent a record $9.12 billion online. This excitement continues into January, as gift cards get spent and returns are made. Then, reality strikes as the post-holiday spending slump begins and retailers struggle to get rid of excess inventory.

How AI is transforming Retail and E-commerce: Real-World examples

Automation doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating redundancies in workplaces and replacing humans with technology. The result is more tailored content and targeted campaigns, which eventually increase conversion rates and drive revenue. Like what you’re hearing about Generative AI from Tyler and Harrison?

retail chatbot examples

Given the data we fed it already, our chatbot should be able to recommend a few pairs of shoes that fit the requirements. If you’re following along with the code on github, take a peek at the dataframe with all_prods_df.head(). The full dataset contains over 100,000 products, but for this chatbot, we restrict it to a subset of 2,500. Companies interested in developing a chatbot should implement these basic building blocks and integrate them based on the application domain.

How chatbots improve the shopping experience?

Your chatbots will not only answer questions, but they'll also ask them too, meaning your CRM repository gains richer data that allows your chatbot to guide customers to recommended products and identify previous (or new) buying behaviors and patterns.

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